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Encouraging, S.T.E.M, Coding, Robotics, Financial Literacy, & Entrepreneurship Careers

Changing One Life at a Time

Horses Give Hope Education Foundation

“Perseverance, confidence, and grace, of the horse, are a fitting escape and a suitable dream for all mankind”

~ Peter Yunghanns

Founder’s Welcome Letter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am Peter Yunghanns. My family has been in polo for over half a century, and I have been riding horses from a very young age, and I have a deep appreciation for horses.
My great great-grand father was a prominent philanthropist who has inspired me to engage in charity, and I want to encourage others to be philanthropic. Therefore, I have merged both the elements of horse and charity under one umbrella to create this educational and charitable non-profit, 501(c)3, organization, Horses Give Hope Education Foundation.
My wish is that this organization will enhance the lives of others, inspire our youths, and it will encourage coding, robotics, and Entrepreneurship careers, for underprivileged youths, and other students ‘in need’, from cradle through college.
Please help me to make my vision a lasting reality.

Kind regards,

Peter Yunghanns, Founder and CEO”

About Us


Our Mission is to lead in improving people’s lives by fostering education, improving literacy, and building character, while promoting S.T.E.M. related career opportunities and Entrepreneurship, for disadvantaged youths,from cradle through college.

Founder's Message

My wish is that this organization will enhance the lives of others while inspiring our youths and encouraging coding, robotics, and Entrepreneurship careers, for underprivileged youths.


Our Vision is to bring life enriching services to as many people as possible while expanding ways in which S.T.E.M., Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship activities can make a difference, and contribute to our communities and our lives. We look to making horses our guide, education and leadership our foundation, as well as philanthropists and equestrianfamilies, our true friends.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Caring, Commitment, Community, and Professionalism

What We Do

Horses Give Hope Education Foundation strives to enhance the lives, first and foremost, of underprivileged and at risk young people, by ensuring that they are socially responsible and academically aware, while leading and guiding them to stay on the best possible path. Our youth programs are based on motivation, aspirations and working to merit rewards. We are a multifaceted organization offering Youth Services which include Stem Initiatives; Animal Science Opportunities; Coding and Robotic; Entrepreneurship; Virtual Literacy; Test Preparation, and Mentoring. Accompanying our Youth Services, we offer Community Outreach Services which include volunteer opportunities for high school and college students, Professional Continuing Education, Community Volunteerism,

and Certificate Programs. Horses Give Hope Education Foundation will enhance the lives of others by connecting humans with the perseverance, confidence, and grace of the horse, fostering education, improving literacy, building character, and encouraging STEM, Entrepreneurship and equestrian career opportunities for at risk youths including foster care, underprivileged, vulnerable, and other students ‘in need’, from cradle through college.

Winter Family Fest 14 December 2019

CEO Tele-thon

Conversations & CEO COFFEE CHAT

Charity Challenge

College Tour March 22 - March 26 2020

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